About Us


We’ve been in the executive and technical search industry since 1983, and in business for ourselves since 1994.  We are former technology professionals.  We understand your world.

We help businesses and professionals find each other.  You are looking for a well-screened professional for your critical opening. Or, you are looking for a professional home where you can be challenged and grow in an exciting work environment.  In collaboration, we can help you find each other. 

We have cultivated a strong, broad and deep network of businesses, professionals, and colleagues to augment your search for a key hire or your next career move.

The Internet is a great business tool, one that we use often for research. What we don’t do is compete with you for the same candidates by advertising on the web, the same resources and sites that you use yourselves.  Through our network of contacts and colleagues, knowledge of your industry, and good old fashioned human interaction, we work to find you your right match, company and individual.

We provide companies with well-screened, qualified professionals, technical and managerial, to fill your critical needs.  If you are looking to make your next career move, we are an additional resource to get you to where you want to be.


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