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Northern California is an ideal climate and place to live, work and play. It is also relatively expensive.  Yet, our population continues to grow, both during business boom as well as in economic downturn.  You may find that moving to and living here can be a financial burden.

Many regions in the U. S. offer enriched relocation packages to professionals seeking to work and live in their areas.  This area is not usually one of them. While you are not encouraged to quit your job, sell your home and move here on your own to look for a career position, many people do just that.

If you require relocation assistance to move here, you may be disappointed.  There is a large and growing work force here that you will be competing with.  This is a wonderful place to live, but before you decide to move, do your homework, understand your needs, and let’s talk.

Require Employment Sponsorship?
If you are not a U. S. citizen or permanent U. S. resident and you require your new employer to sponsor you, working in this geographic area may be a challenge for you.  While a number of local hiring firms do offer sponsorship or will transfer existing sponsorships, the majority of companies do not.

There are local consulting companies who do sponsor professionals and hire you as consultants to their clients in the area. We are not one of them. We can’t sponsor you, but we can direct you to companies who can.

Are You a Search Firm or Agency Looking to Expand Your Network, or Need Additional Search Resources?
We enjoy many collaborative relationships with other search firms and recruiters.  We are always open to discussing search splits or other working arrangements to help your clients as well as our own. 

We won’t work “blind” on any search, and we wouldn’t ask you to.   Please be encouraged to contact us. If we can’t help you, we probably know who can.


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